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Portable Machining in Edmonton

One of the great advantages of an all-millwright contracting firm is that along with highly experienced millwrights comes a whole set of tools and equipment that no single industrial plant could afford to equip itself with. No other Western Canadian contractor has the whole range of equipment that KB Industrial Mechanics Ltd has.


Our specialized equipment includes:

Valued at upwards of $2 million, our portable tool “crib” gives us some pretty impressive capabilities:

  • Using our custom-modified equipment, we can machine up to 130-inch diameter flange faces.
  • Our largest milling machine can machine sole plates up to 16 feet long, a capability that is becoming more important to our clients as older rotating equipment is replaced with lighter, faster, high-performance equipment.
  • We modified a top-quality stud drilling machine to suit our own work processes, giving it far greater power for drilling out large-diameter, high-temperature fasteners.
  • Every modification we make allows us to employ work processes that we have developed to accomplish the same work in less time, using fewer people and requiring less client supervision and control.

The bottom line of our edge in equipment is the project’s bottom line. KBIM’s equipment, in the hands of our people, delivers top-quality work for less.

Big Jobs. Small Jobs. All Jobs.

We’re there when you need us. We provide a wide range of services 

Benefits of Using Portable Machines 


Some of the benefits of using portable machining in Edmonton are: It is portable. As the name suggests, the biggest benefit of using portable machinery is that it can be taken to any job site. 

  • Cost efficient
  • Allows for crusher maintenance and partial rebuild to be performed in place with minimized teardown requirements
  • Modular design promotes very short setup time


Key mill

There’s no need to live with vibration or to struggle forever to achieve motor-pump alignment. Without a perfectly flat base, alignment is nearly impossible. A base that’s few thousandths of an inch “out” makes a huge difference in the life expectancy of your equipment’s components.


KBIM’s 15 years’ experience in base milling has set the industry standard since the beginning. Our machines easily handle new or existing bases up to 16 feet in length, and because they’re portable, they come to you whenever the need arises.

Flange facing

Flange Facing

You’d be surprised how common it is that flanges are over-torqued to prevent or “fix” a leak. Over-torqueing causes distortions that make the problems even worse and ultimately more expensive, which is why KBIM’s industry-leading flange facing technology is your most cost-effective strategy.

Especially when it’s impossible or not feasible to cut off and replace a flange, turn to KBIM. Our custom-modified flange facing process is widely acknowledged, even by OEMs, as the best in the industry. Right on your site, we can machine virtually any type of flange, from precision flanges (like RTJ, Lens ring, Securamax, Grayloc® and Tecloc) to raised face flanges.

We routinely refinish flanges from 1/2" to 130" diameter with finishes that range from 500 rms to ground finishes. Pipe cutting and prepping heavy wall or exotic material pipe is not a problem when you have the right equipment. We are capable of cutting vessels or pipe in excess of 22’ diameter and 1 1/2" wall.

Portable shaft machining

Portable Shaft Machining

Often, sending your equipment out for machining is impractical, impossible, or just too expensive. We can solve your problems with our experience and diverse equipment. From re-machining keyways in shafts to machining journals with or without turning the shaft, we can do it.

We have been around since 1976, and in those years, we have been faced with a lot of challenging machining situations. Let's face it—if it were easy you would be able to do it yourself, right? Our extensive experience and diverse equipment can save you time and money, and no job is too big or small.

Boring machine

Boring Bars

Portable boring bars aren't just for machining engine cylinders. They’re capable of machining everything from steam control valve bodies, link pins on articulating tractors and hydraulic cylinders to coupling bolts on steam turbines.

For years, we’ve used custom-designed equipment for removing studs from turbine casings as well as bore plugs from turbine rotors. We have a number of boring bars to suit almost any need from traditional engine boring machines to hydraulic boring bars that have in excess of 20' of bar length and 36" stroke. Our custom equipment and cutters suit a wide variety of jobs, including the removal of studs on steam turbines in excess of 5" diameter (Duraheat 1055). 

Induction heating

Induction Heating

More information coming soon!

Laser alignment

Laser Alignment

For precise measuring and aligning of systems in industrial applications, laser alignment can be used. This method helps in measuring distance, motion and position over long distances. It is easy to use and offers accurate results. 

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KB Industrial Mechanics Ltd. provides a wide range of services including portable millwrighting machine in Edmonton. Contact us today for more details.o

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